jumbos in trouble

jumbos in trouble

Monday, January 19, 2009

only growth and no development:fake panacea:the indian way

Fake Panacea:The Indian Way

“Child is the father Of the Man”,this famous quote said by one of greatest personality of the world may arise a volley of questions in one’s mind that what does it exactly means but in true sense it lies with in itself a much deeper and intrinsic meaning.

Not only this quote implies the importance of children but every successful and developed nation of the world identified and seriously visualized upon conserving such untapped resource ie its children who are the future commanders of a nation.

But with India,the largest democrat and second largest country in terms of China and soon ought to empower it in 2030,the horroundes stats like 49 infant deaths in one hour,96.4 deaths per 1000 live births for children under the age of five,25.6 deaths per 1000 live births regarding average child death and 40.7 deaths per 1000 live births in terms of neonatal mortality rate,alone in UP,the largest state of the country,population wise, contributing 16 percent of total population,nobody can envisage a better prospective and positive sign for a country with burgeoning and everincreasing rate of development in every arena.

At one side ,our country wails for the problem of brain-drain losing its invaluable and rich resource in hands of wealth laden countries and at the other hand the poor and pitiable conditions of women at every strata of the society,resulted from the fact that as soon as a female featus is identified in a womb,it becomes vulnerable directly and indirectly,both ways due to the forms of cruel intentions and behaviour inflicted upon it.
A girl child falls prey to the perverted Indian mindset of its century old belief that carrying a male child is worthy for a women as he can continue with his ancesterol name.

Female infanticide,sexual harassment,practicing sodomy on children,domestic violence with every one out of six women facing this threat in the hands of her in laws,her husband,even in hands of her relatives in case of premarital status,scary premonitions of delievery in case of inadequate heath facilities,increasing number of deaths at the time of delievery,apprehensions of amother carrying a female child and its aftermaths in case of illeterate inlaws and a least support of family,a girl dies thousand deaths in her lifetime right from her birth to the time she dies.
The condition of expecting mothers as well as that of nursing mothers is another set of example to fel shame on a country like India standing on the verge of becoming a world power.
According to the stats presented by UNICEF,associated wing international organization UNO,depicting poor conditions mothers like only 64.4% mothers receiving an ante-natal check-up,only 29.2% mothers receiving safe delievery at national level and 30.1% at national level,only 14.% mothers receiving post natal care with in two days of delievery and many more such stats reflecting pathetic condition of India including degraded quality of nutrition they receive both at pre and post delievery period showcases a \contradictory picture of success vowed at the time of launching various health care programmes by our government.

With news like baby delievered in train or miraculous escape of baby after passing out through train washroom hole,at hospital gate,death of featus at the delievery time due to improper handling by nurse during cutting of umbilical cord,are the common instances heard or read daily in newspapers ,of poor health care infrastructure,inadequate approach to health facilities to the people,basically those of poor and illeterate background.
Child underweight stats provided by UNICEF such as 43%children ie upto 55 million under the age of five are underweight with UP having 42% contribution and 18% of total underweight residing in UP alone are thr proof of degraded quality nutrition accessibility to both expecting and nursing mothers.

With such shackling conditions of both mother and child the need of the hour is not to be panicky or to give up in such challenging situation but to find ways of how to develop and sustain much healthier,hygienic and better ambience to facilitate safe measure for improving health care system at every level specially to mothers and children.
Pinpointing problems regarding social and behavioural practices of early child marriage and early child bearing,high fertility rate and son preference,low literacy,decision making at household level and spousal violence and socio-economic status of women and to seek efficient measures to eradicate such evils at first from the mindset of people and ultimately from the society is what can add up to minimise such problems.
Proactive approach,increased awareness regarding overall improvement in women status,improved community awareness and improving supply side of health system will ensure a way forward to help our nation developing in every arena.


  1. hmm....that was a deep article. u've brought up so many issues at once, it's difficult to comment!!
    yes, the condition of most women in India is sad and no matter how much we claim to progress, in ways our country will always be male dominated.
    the infant death statistics r shocking...govt run medical centres basically function on trail and error!

    well expressed, well written...keep writing, will keep visiting :)

  2. Thanks for your sincere comments dear.Well its very true that our society is male dominated but dont you think somewhere or the other its we womwn who are responsible for it.

    wanting/expecting a male child specially by a mother-in-law is a total disgrace in a woman's part and till today this mentality is deep rooted driven by old and useless beliefs.

    and at govt's part,yes they are needed to be criticized but mere blaming will not do.its at grassroot level which is needed to be rectified in every possible and sincere manner.

  3. quite interesting and informative.. really shows the true state of affairs to the "shining india" brigade.. nice post..