jumbos in trouble

jumbos in trouble

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jumbo In trouble

it is really shocking guys.A horrendous piece of news........seven elephants mowed down by a goods carriage train in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal.I mean i am just totally devastated by this incident.And above all, the railways are not ready to take the responsibility for this.Our one of the largest fauna resource whom the government christens with lucky mascots bore the horrible brunt of one of the largest killings in one single incident of train accident.The accident claimed the lives of two adult females,two young elephants,one adult tusker and one calf,total seven casualties.The repoert on the accident further tells about other shocking reveletions that how on seeing five of the members of clan being hauled and kicked by the giant machine, a female charged the train in retaliation only to be hauled brutally, as the driver increased the speed in order to escape the enraged animal.This is so inhuman.The incident brought tears in my eyes.Equally shocked are all who came to know today in newspapers and yesterday on tv .
Some thing has to be done for this.Mere compensation wont halt the dangers prevailing for these calm ,innocent,beautiful and lovable animals on the railway tracks scattered all across the tea gardens in the state,posing such greiving threats.
The caracass lying on the tracks itself shows the brutality of the accident.
Tigers are fighting for their existence,now elephants...........
For how long these speechless innocent animals have to pay for such human errors...............

Thursday, September 9, 2010

feelings unlimited,restrained actions,zero efforts

I came across an article in The Hindu's editorial titled "Milk At Last For Fly-photo Boy".It's about 53 displaced afghan families in a roadside camp in Azakhel ,19 miles from Peshawar,capital of Pakistan insurgency plagued Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province bordering Afghanistan.The text includes a photograph of a child covered in flies from head to toe.It was devastating to see the pitiful conditions of such refugees whom war torn and who are struggling to survive in minimal basic conditions of living.
All the educated masses of this country generally reads the daily newspapers and come across a plethora of stories containing such mind boggling incidents of shackling human emotions, hardships of human race.The basic reaction is just "chh chh chh".Instantaneous one.Or some heart shattering stories coerce the reader to brood over some time.More than that people discuss it in their homes,offices,working palces.Once the mind switches to another thought the concern ceases and takes a very back stage whose turn never materialise.
Very few culminate their thoughts into actions and that too productive results are very few..................
The need of the moment is not to tell people to act but to wake them up from their long nap to think productive and act productive.
We cant rely totally on the government efforts to see the fruitful outcome and desired developments in every nook and corner of our society and by and large our country.
Any suggestions guys....................