jumbos in trouble

jumbos in trouble

Friday, March 27, 2009

wackiest thing i ever did

well i was in 9th standard and one of the nautiest in class.i always stick to "boys are bastard" funda and was in loggerheads with some of ma gunda classmates till 10th.me and ma cousin now use to recall those instances when we used to threat boys on way to home from our school.And how those false allegations were spatted from girls row to boys and boys row to girls.

It was the new session started in april and we all were very excited to know who are our new classmates as reshuffling took place.

The most "Kamine" types went to B section and nautiest went to A section,ie ma class.

Hardly a fortnight passed and on teh 16 th day the most wackiest moment of ma school life came when i came to school without ma bag.I used a bicycle to move to ma school along with ma bunch of frenz.That day, halfway to ma school i noticed that ma back side of cycle was quiet light weight.I asked ma cousin and she screamed that ma bag has felled somewhere in mid way and haunted me with the thought of picking it up with some unknown.I got red faced.I went blank,standing in middle of the road.I had nowhere to go as going back to home was going to fetch me thrashings of momy and school was going to be the place of my mockery platform.Well heavyhearted i deciced to go to school.There in school assembly time went peacefully but first period saw the drama of ma silliest mistake.Guys hooted as loud as they can ,when they saw my peon bhaiya escorting ma bag as mom sent it after seeing it left behind by me.

Well they had got the damn gud reason to make fun of me.if i wud hav been in their place i would hav done the same.

Kya din the yar vo.................