jumbos in trouble

jumbos in trouble

Monday, January 12, 2009


The dictionary meaning of "ADULTERATION" means, "The process of making food or drink less pure by adding another substance to it".
Adulteration implies basically in context of eatables, but what if it creeps into the deep rooted culture, ethics, traditions and social values of a nation. We eat food to satisfy our hunger. Adultered food harms our health. Same way social ethics, culture, values, traditions are the mainstream identity of a nation. A nation relies and depends on this basic factor for its true existence. Whenever there is an invasion of external factors the originality deteriorates and this deterioration reflects through the mindset of people. It leads to perverted approach in every arena of our society and results in inevitable despondency in every field.
India got its independence through die hard and determined efforts shouldered by stalwarts of independence. Post independence too, founders of our independence made sure of retaining their originality by sticking to their pre-independence principles and values.
But later, this hampered progress of our country and it was realized that without inclusion as well as competition with foreign policies, progress cant be achieved. No
Doubt it helped our country to stand with developed superpowers of the world. But as we know every coin has its too faces. In the wake of this development process untold and unnoticed evil factors gradually creeped into the basic Indian mindset and taken a heavy toll of our social values.
When government adopted the open policy in 1990 i.e. allowing foreign investment in India, then nobody has envisaged for its damaging repercussions .today to celebrate our festival Diwali we are tend to buy China made Ganesh-Lakshmi idols and lightings bulbs, as our markets are flooded with such foreign made stuff.
Indian citizens are facing new challenges in the globalization arena. The Westernization of Indian Culture is giving serious effect & worries to the Indian Society. The westernization is giving big stress to the new generation leading to homosexuality, pre-martial sex affairs, livening relationships, leading towards the consumption of dangerous drugs, new level of crimes in need of unnecessary lifestyle with routine spending & overheads etc.
Many of such cases are leading to destroying the lives of Indian youth. The work pressures, the time pressures, the overburden, the stretched working timings are leading to the serious health problems of our youth.
The youth is unable to spare the valuable time for there parents, grand parents & their own children. Most of youth is getting serious diseases before running into 40's like Blood Pressure, Diabetics etc
With globalisation inevitably comes "MACDONALISATION" of the local society. American music threatens to replace Indian music. Food eaten there becomes the food in India. Even their likes and dislikes become ours.
Globalisation may cause" CULTURAL COLONALISATION" of the country. The question is, what will become of us in the process? We may become a faded copy of foreign culture.
India must be protected from such invisible damages. It should be the responsibility of country's public administration to neutralise such threat. It is the first line responsibility of legislature and beaurocracy to frame policies needed for our development as well as to take care of our sovereignty.
Indian Government should be encouraged to immediately start looking at above serious matters and lay tough rules on employment, wages, working hours, employee welfare etc, to save our youth going trouble time.
Also government should seriously BAN all the Indian Media serials which are trying to create discrepancies among the joint living family and the western Media who is trying to make us naked, shameless & ruthless.
I strongly visualize the aftermaths of above over the period of 2 to 3 decades which will run into mega divorce cases in marital life, loosing cultural values, becoming more & more psychic patients, committing suicides etc.
We have to save our cultural & moral values, which I believe is most important in the country's growth.


  1. Verry well written miss Chauhan.
    Its not right to blame west all the time,its our fault that we are adapting all their bad things and not even thinking of looking at their positive sides.Talking about homosexuality,pre marital sex it already existed in India, yes came into limelight recently. And one more thing,Indian society is quite mature , you see they are going back to their root.They are no more in mood to leave india and work abroad.
    Overall a verry good write,well reaserched.

  2. well thanks for your sincere feedback.I agree with you at a some of the aspects but dear if you look at the increasing trends of fast lifestyle,increasind divorces,increase health problems resulted from such lifestyle,you will find many loopholes created by this westernization. well its one's own pereption.thanks again and happy reading.

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