jumbos in trouble

jumbos in trouble

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Today its quiet different.After such a long time my palms are itching to write.With no precise theme or topic in mind i just want to write.It is well said and true that feelings are best expressed through writing.I am quiet a reserved person and mostly keep my emotions to myself.But when happy n cheerful am the  loudest and vocal in my expressions.
Our mind is full of tonnes of feelings, both conscious and unconscious.But only some of them stir us from deep within us  making us to weave an intrinsic network of thoughts.When entangled it worries us,the more simply woven threads the more peaceful.
In my case its somewhat complexly entangled.So many things i want to do,so many many things i have to do and so many many many things i dont want to do. Complex na!
Well leave me aside Just answer me one thing.We want to do so many things for ourselves,real things which we have dreamt for long,since childhood,cherished and nurtured in our late night wake ups and daydreams,mindless strolls and nonsense talks(well it may seem to others who dont get to our feelings and these dreams), which we always wanted to accomplish once we realized that we are capable enough to support those dreams. For example, like so many of us want to go on an escapade,on our own, with no one to be with,just ourselves, to unknown destinations.Or do something which is greatly despised by our loved ones and those in our vicinity (the so called society precisely),like tattooing ,going out to places with our bunch of friends on long car drives etc etc.(and many many more respective to each of ours choices, interests,likes and dislikes.)(in case of girls,esp.in india its very diffrent  and difficult)
But once we have settled in our careers with no time for our family even,how many of us really live those nurtured dreams,those impossible and filmy ideas which everyone wants to do.With each passing moment we unconsciously shifts them to the farthest corners of our minds and gradually loose that child like passioante spirit.
I  strongly want and wish to fulfill mine,my all wildest ideas and craziness.No matter what my people say,life is for once.Lets not have any regrets once we are old enough to die.Lets have more crazy and wild ideas to plan and give shape to even in that age.Even if some of them remain unfulfilled ,no problem.Next life hai na!!!!

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