jumbos in trouble

jumbos in trouble

Monday, January 19, 2009

only growth and no development:fake panacea:the indian way

Fake Panacea:The Indian Way

“Child is the father Of the Man”,this famous quote said by one of greatest personality of the world may arise a volley of questions in one’s mind that what does it exactly means but in true sense it lies with in itself a much deeper and intrinsic meaning.

Not only this quote implies the importance of children but every successful and developed nation of the world identified and seriously visualized upon conserving such untapped resource ie its children who are the future commanders of a nation.

But with India,the largest democrat and second largest country in terms of China and soon ought to empower it in 2030,the horroundes stats like 49 infant deaths in one hour,96.4 deaths per 1000 live births for children under the age of five,25.6 deaths per 1000 live births regarding average child death and 40.7 deaths per 1000 live births in terms of neonatal mortality rate,alone in UP,the largest state of the country,population wise, contributing 16 percent of total population,nobody can envisage a better prospective and positive sign for a country with burgeoning and everincreasing rate of development in every arena.

At one side ,our country wails for the problem of brain-drain losing its invaluable and rich resource in hands of wealth laden countries and at the other hand the poor and pitiable conditions of women at every strata of the society,resulted from the fact that as soon as a female featus is identified in a womb,it becomes vulnerable directly and indirectly,both ways due to the forms of cruel intentions and behaviour inflicted upon it.
A girl child falls prey to the perverted Indian mindset of its century old belief that carrying a male child is worthy for a women as he can continue with his ancesterol name.

Female infanticide,sexual harassment,practicing sodomy on children,domestic violence with every one out of six women facing this threat in the hands of her in laws,her husband,even in hands of her relatives in case of premarital status,scary premonitions of delievery in case of inadequate heath facilities,increasing number of deaths at the time of delievery,apprehensions of amother carrying a female child and its aftermaths in case of illeterate inlaws and a least support of family,a girl dies thousand deaths in her lifetime right from her birth to the time she dies.
The condition of expecting mothers as well as that of nursing mothers is another set of example to fel shame on a country like India standing on the verge of becoming a world power.
According to the stats presented by UNICEF,associated wing international organization UNO,depicting poor conditions mothers like only 64.4% mothers receiving an ante-natal check-up,only 29.2% mothers receiving safe delievery at national level and 30.1% at national level,only 14.% mothers receiving post natal care with in two days of delievery and many more such stats reflecting pathetic condition of India including degraded quality of nutrition they receive both at pre and post delievery period showcases a \contradictory picture of success vowed at the time of launching various health care programmes by our government.

With news like baby delievered in train or miraculous escape of baby after passing out through train washroom hole,at hospital gate,death of featus at the delievery time due to improper handling by nurse during cutting of umbilical cord,are the common instances heard or read daily in newspapers ,of poor health care infrastructure,inadequate approach to health facilities to the people,basically those of poor and illeterate background.
Child underweight stats provided by UNICEF such as 43%children ie upto 55 million under the age of five are underweight with UP having 42% contribution and 18% of total underweight residing in UP alone are thr proof of degraded quality nutrition accessibility to both expecting and nursing mothers.

With such shackling conditions of both mother and child the need of the hour is not to be panicky or to give up in such challenging situation but to find ways of how to develop and sustain much healthier,hygienic and better ambience to facilitate safe measure for improving health care system at every level specially to mothers and children.
Pinpointing problems regarding social and behavioural practices of early child marriage and early child bearing,high fertility rate and son preference,low literacy,decision making at household level and spousal violence and socio-economic status of women and to seek efficient measures to eradicate such evils at first from the mindset of people and ultimately from the society is what can add up to minimise such problems.
Proactive approach,increased awareness regarding overall improvement in women status,improved community awareness and improving supply side of health system will ensure a way forward to help our nation developing in every arena.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shackling Emotions:Dilemma of a Lifetime

SHACKLING EMOTIONS : Dilemma of a Lifetime.

Clean ambience, hygenic enviornment, decent lifestyle; in broad sense a healthy approach is what every human desires. Even the fundamental rights formulated under the constitution guarantees right to life and liberty. But with the humans designated with the most degraded job of “MANUEL SCAVENGING”, one can easily envisage their pitiable condition. The shameful legacy of centuries which involves the innocent lives into a vicious circle of never ending humiliation, withering hopes and a constant fear of parents for their children to continue with the same menial job.

The hated vocation of collecting human excreta from individual or community dry latrines with bare hands or with the help of brooms or tin plates. The dry latrines are still in use in large number in many parts of our country. According to a report there are around 96 lakhs dry latrines in use at present

In 1976 Section 7a was introduced into the protection of of Civil Rights Act, 1955 regarding imprisonment for compelling any person to scavenge on the grounds of untouchability.In 1993 Parliament passed the Employment of Manuel Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition Act) under which voluntary employment of manuel scavenging was considered offensive. Even after this many restriction posed by these laws, the estimated accounts of 28,613 dry latrines in Gujarat and 32,999 in the gram panchayats in the states creates a vulnerable situation for people engaged in manuel removal of night soil. These people toil under the most inhuman conditions. .Narayanamma, an employee of Anantpur municipality, Andhra Pradesh has spent 19 years scavenging, cleaning 400 seats of dry toilets a day without even the minimal protection of gloves. She pleaded: “Three generations of my family have done this work. I don’t want my children to do it”.

Many steps have been taken to work for these people and numerous NGO’S are working for the cause. Such an NGO working in Alwar district of Rajasthan, known as Nai Disha is working for the emancipation of women. It is making them self dependent by training them in various skills like sewing, making candles, beautician course etc.Also it has enabled more than 200 scavengers to earn a minimum of Rs.2000 per month and has lifted them from their plight.

The need of the hour is to develop a sense of responsibility for the upliftment of these people, who in any way are the real sufferers, citing an example of how “Humanity suffers in the hands of Humanity”.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Unlike many others Sadhana has an alter-ego, just like her changed name “Sadhana”. At the age of eighteen, when traces of maturity knocks softly, Sadhana has already a full of it with day long responsibilities of her HIV positive mother ant two younger twin siblings. In the absence of her father, who has abandoned his family accusing his wife to be inflicted with some dreaded disease and also who escapes the test from the fear of being inflicted with the same, it is daily an uphill task for Sadhana to get a square meal for her family. The fear and stress of board exams have been replaced by fear of losing her mother and stressful hardships which she has to bear everyday. For the past one year her life has been topsy-turvy since her mother has been reported HIV positive.
With no friends at school to talk, to share her tiffin, no friends at neighbourhood ready to play with her siblings, she faces this everyday animosity just because she has an HIV positive mother. Nobody even knows, including her father, what exactly her mother is suffering from. But being HIV positive, which everyone in her neighbour considers “something dreaded untouchable”, has made her mother a pariah.
The poor knowledge and curtailed information about this disease in our society has not only worsened the conditions of such patients but also of everyone related to them. The social boycott affiliated with this is a coup de grace for the right to life. The constant suffering degrades one’s own desire to live and retards the hope of slightest recovery. The irony of this intimidating disease is that at every social strata its facets are completely misunderstood and the gravity and understanding regarding it are replaced by various misconceptions and conservative approach, which ultimately leads to a road of sufferings for all those affected.
Supporting the treatment for six months of some lung disease at Rani Laxmibai Hospital, her mother’s master for whom she was a maid-servant, immediately fired her when it came to his notice that she was HIV positive. Even the doctor where she went for the treatment shamelessly knocked her out from his clinic as soon as he read her report. It made her to further hide her illness from the doctors where she had undergone the treatment. But constant deterioration in her mother’s health due to persistent fever and body cramps which had worsened her life determined Sadhana to decide for her proper treatment, for which she ultimately headed to the Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University (CSMMU). With daily up and down from her home to school to hospital and then again back to her home, her life has become a vicious circle since. Hardships of life have geared her mental level to a much more matured state where she aims to secure a job in order to provide better treatment for the mother and to feed her family.
But Sadhana is only one case, there are many who surrender before the life. Thus, without social aid and changed outlook these people who could otherwise prove productive for the world are now living a secluded life of anonymity. AIDS and HIV affected people are the victims of polarisation with society at the farther pole. The need is to bring these poles together not just for the betterment of these people, neither just for the sake of responsibility but for the true sake of humanity. In this context Media Nest, a forum for journalists, is supporting education of 60 HIV affected children with 200 registrations already done for the next year and is generating hope for Sadhana-like children to at least dream for their goals to be achieved. More and more NGOs, people’s initiatives and a grand hand of help from the government are urgently needed for providing a life to the HIV affected people. It is always to be borne in mind that India has a major portion of HIV positives in the world and they can not be ignored or neglected.


The dictionary meaning of "ADULTERATION" means, "The process of making food or drink less pure by adding another substance to it".
Adulteration implies basically in context of eatables, but what if it creeps into the deep rooted culture, ethics, traditions and social values of a nation. We eat food to satisfy our hunger. Adultered food harms our health. Same way social ethics, culture, values, traditions are the mainstream identity of a nation. A nation relies and depends on this basic factor for its true existence. Whenever there is an invasion of external factors the originality deteriorates and this deterioration reflects through the mindset of people. It leads to perverted approach in every arena of our society and results in inevitable despondency in every field.
India got its independence through die hard and determined efforts shouldered by stalwarts of independence. Post independence too, founders of our independence made sure of retaining their originality by sticking to their pre-independence principles and values.
But later, this hampered progress of our country and it was realized that without inclusion as well as competition with foreign policies, progress cant be achieved. No
Doubt it helped our country to stand with developed superpowers of the world. But as we know every coin has its too faces. In the wake of this development process untold and unnoticed evil factors gradually creeped into the basic Indian mindset and taken a heavy toll of our social values.
When government adopted the open policy in 1990 i.e. allowing foreign investment in India, then nobody has envisaged for its damaging repercussions .today to celebrate our festival Diwali we are tend to buy China made Ganesh-Lakshmi idols and lightings bulbs, as our markets are flooded with such foreign made stuff.
Indian citizens are facing new challenges in the globalization arena. The Westernization of Indian Culture is giving serious effect & worries to the Indian Society. The westernization is giving big stress to the new generation leading to homosexuality, pre-martial sex affairs, livening relationships, leading towards the consumption of dangerous drugs, new level of crimes in need of unnecessary lifestyle with routine spending & overheads etc.
Many of such cases are leading to destroying the lives of Indian youth. The work pressures, the time pressures, the overburden, the stretched working timings are leading to the serious health problems of our youth.
The youth is unable to spare the valuable time for there parents, grand parents & their own children. Most of youth is getting serious diseases before running into 40's like Blood Pressure, Diabetics etc
With globalisation inevitably comes "MACDONALISATION" of the local society. American music threatens to replace Indian music. Food eaten there becomes the food in India. Even their likes and dislikes become ours.
Globalisation may cause" CULTURAL COLONALISATION" of the country. The question is, what will become of us in the process? We may become a faded copy of foreign culture.
India must be protected from such invisible damages. It should be the responsibility of country's public administration to neutralise such threat. It is the first line responsibility of legislature and beaurocracy to frame policies needed for our development as well as to take care of our sovereignty.
Indian Government should be encouraged to immediately start looking at above serious matters and lay tough rules on employment, wages, working hours, employee welfare etc, to save our youth going trouble time.
Also government should seriously BAN all the Indian Media serials which are trying to create discrepancies among the joint living family and the western Media who is trying to make us naked, shameless & ruthless.
I strongly visualize the aftermaths of above over the period of 2 to 3 decades which will run into mega divorce cases in marital life, loosing cultural values, becoming more & more psychic patients, committing suicides etc.
We have to save our cultural & moral values, which I believe is most important in the country's growth.